There have been several 'incidents', some minor and some serious, between the new bigger ferries and other river users. In order that these 'incidents' may be recorded we would ask you to provide details to the LRA in order that we can ensure that they are correctly and effectively reported.

If you suffer any 'incident' would you please send the following to either by separate email or by clicking the 'Contact us' link below: Please advise:

Date, time, place of incident, e.g. 5th August 2009, 19.45 hrs near No 10 river post.

Vessels involved: e.g. Yacht 'Day dreamer' and ferry 'Wight Light'

What happened: e.g. Ferry on wrong side of river pushed yacht out of the fairway and aground.

Witnesses: Need not be named, e.g. owner aboard yacht

Reported by: Person submitting information, will not be published but might be useful if follow up is required.

In case of serious incident, in particular where poor seamanship endangers persons or another craft, you are earnestly recommended to report the incident to MAIB, who specifically ask for such information.

They have a special form for this. For a .pdf copy click here.